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Do the players of the MLB play baseball for the cash, or for the love of the game?

As you probably know Coronavirus has made the MLB postpone its 2020 season until further notice. We have seen a glimpse of hope from commissioner Rob Manfred in resuming the 2020 MLB season. In order to bring back the great game of baseball on very small change was going to have to be made... Pay cut's for players. A number of different players have come out and said, "it is unacceptable to have pay cuts, are professionally trained athletes." Says Blake Snell and Bryce Harper. I mean think about that for a second. I can feel for both sides, but come on if you love the game you will maybe suffer from a loss in a few thousand dollars. Just deal with it. I am starting to think that a number of MLB players don't play the sport for the love of it, I'm starting to think that they are just in it for the cash. These MLB players have to reach and look outside of baseball. After 9/11 took place, America was devastated. You want to know what one of the key factors was in bringing America's hope up, Baseball! That's what we need during this time of grief and in this deadly Pandemic. If you are greedy and selfish Bryce Harper and Blake Snell who are in it for the cash and nobody else. Ignore them. Let baseball take place once again, as soon as it is safe.

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