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Did the Astros get punished enough fro their scandal?

It was confirmed on January 13th, 2020 that the Houston Astro's have been stealing MLB teams stealing signs since 2017. That has been three years, that is way too long! One of the most common sounds that you would hear at a Houston Astros game would be a banging on a metal trash can. Nobody at knew what that meant besides the Houston Astros organization. The banging on the trash indicated that the opposing team was going to steal. The Astros would also use cameras to figure out what kind of pitch the opposing team was going to throw so the batter would know and it would increase his chances of a hit or getting contact. This is by far one of the worst cases of cheating in MLB history.

In my opinion, the MLB organization did not take this matter seriously enough. They fined the Astros $5 million dollar fine and where completely stript of four high draft picks. This might sound like a big loss, but if you compare it to the 1919 Black Sox scandal this Houston Astro's punishment is nearly nothing. In 1919 multiple of the players on the Black Sox threw the world series for an outside bet for millions of dollars. The 1919 Black Sox were completely banned the following year from playing Major League Baseball. On top of that 8 of the Black Sox's best players were thrown out of baseball for good. Such as Chick Gandil, Eddie Cicotte, Happy Felsch, Lefty Williams, Fred McMullin, Swede Risberg, Buck Weaver, Shoeless Joe Jackson. One of those players I do believe did not commit or take any part of this crime. His name is Shoeless Joe Jackson.

Back to the Astros.

Now you can see how different the punishments where. You can also see how much more serious the Astros scenario with stealing other teams signs. In my opinion, I think they should have been fined $10 million, been stripped of their best 5-6 draft picks, strip the Astros of their world series title, and suspend the whole team for one MLB season. I would hope that the Astros would get the message that cheating is not tolerated in the MLB.

Put your opinion if you think they deserved a more severe punishment or if it was to harsh!

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