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 About Avner's Sports Throw Down

Hello I'm Avner Belsky the creator and founder of Avner's Sports Throw Down. I created Avner's Sports Throw Down, because I didn't think there was a very entertaining podcast/show that talked about sports. So, that's when Avner's Sports Throw Down was born. In this podcast you will learn about all different kinds of sports topics. Such as, sports predictions, sports scores, sports business deals, sports trades, my opinion on players, organizations, and on leagues, and much more! This podcast has everything you need to know about sports right here! While listening to this podcast you will not just get my opinions, I bring in sports professionals from all over the country to talk about the game of sports and their opinions. Avner's Sports Throw Down has had the President and General Manager of the Boston Red Sox minor league team on the podcast, the Lakers, LA Galaxy, and US international mens and women's team doctor on the podcast, a professional basketball player, and plenty of other very interesting guest!

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